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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shut up and kiss me

I'm a sucker for good kissers. (yeah i'd probably be more willing to suck you if you kiss well).

Don't know about you guys, but to me, the best part of sex is foreplay. The light touches, the licking, And as testosterone build up, the hugs and kisses get more intense. Moans of satisfaction get louder. A seductive glide along your back becomes a strong, sexy pull towards him. Fingers brushing through his hair while your tongue explores his mouth; and you can feel his tongue all ready to receive the welcomed guest. Frenching is the best. I can do it all day, and night.

And obviously, there are many who disappoint. One just sucked both my lips in all the time and it was just disgustingly wet throughout. Felt like a koi fish was trying to rip my lips off. Others just either sucked too hard or kept forcing their tongue in the entire time. 

Foreplay should last a good 15 minutes at least, or more. Personally, the most memorable ones are those with good foreplay, especially a good French. (I've always wanted to French a French, are they better at it?)

Oh and yes, please ensure a good breath before kissing. I'd always take mints before we meet up and there was once i actually blew someone with a mint in my mouth. Thank god it didn't burn.

So yep, move those tongue and lips guys. Kiss more. French more!

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