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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Shut up and kiss me

I'm a sucker for good kissers. (yeah i'd probably be more willing to suck you if you kiss well).

Don't know about you guys, but to me, the best part of sex is foreplay. The light touches, the licking, And as testosterone build up, the hugs and kisses get more intense. Moans of satisfaction get louder. A seductive glide along your back becomes a strong, sexy pull towards him. Fingers brushing through his hair while your tongue explores his mouth; and you can feel his tongue all ready to receive the welcomed guest. Frenching is the best. I can do it all day, and night.

And obviously, there are many who disappoint. One just sucked both my lips in all the time and it was just disgustingly wet throughout. Felt like a koi fish was trying to rip my lips off. Others just either sucked too hard or kept forcing their tongue in the entire time. 

Foreplay should last a good 15 minutes at least, or more. Personally, the most memorable ones are those with good foreplay, especially a good French. (I've always wanted to French a French, are they better at it?)

Oh and yes, please ensure a good breath before kissing. I'd always take mints before we meet up and there was once i actually blew someone with a mint in my mouth. Thank god it didn't burn.

So yep, move those tongue and lips guys. Kiss more. French more!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

virgin gay club experience

had a school trip to Shanghai and i've been longing to check out its gay scene.

so one fine night, i finally mustered up the courage and set off, after dinner with my friends.
had to come up with an excuse to ditch them one stop earlier but thankfully i managed to.

i had no idea where the club was and i navigated my way through google maps and i didn't get lost surprisingly. got off and west yan an lu and walked quite a distance to angel club.

paid $50 RMB for the entrance, one drink inclusive and entered.
it had a central dancefloor and the club was filled with people.

i guess i entered too early cos there wasn't much people on the dancefloor so i decided to get a drink.
entered the dancefloor but wasn't high enough to dance.
just bobbed around and decided this was too boring.

went out and bought my drink coupons. 4 drinks for $100 RMB.
the drinks are so much cheaper than sg's!
the only think was that the menu was in chinese and the only thing i could make out was my dear mr. Jack Daniels. ordered one of those and randomly pointed for the rest of the drinks.
so till today, i still dk what i drank that night.

slutted out on the dance floor after a couple of drinks until it died down and i'd go to the bar to get more.
so yep the cycle that night was drink, get high, dance, sober up a little, pee and drink again.

somehow i managed to dance for three hours until people started leaving.
so there were only a few of us left dancing and this guy approached.

he was tall, and cute.
we danced, we touched, and for a brief moment in time, kissed.
i guess it was the alcohol doing its job. :)

sadly, his friend came and pulled him away right after.
i don't know if gays are that possessive but i heard my friend got beaten up because he was dancing with an attached girl in one of the china clubs.
thank goodness he wasn't, or at least i think because his friend wasn't entirely friendly either.

it was then that i decided i had enough fun and exited.
was kinda groggy, but could still think clearly while i waited for a cab.

then this mongolian guy who kept dancing beside me said hi and i smiled back.
had probably one of the weirdest small talk ever (i hate small talk) and he said he was looking for someone to "chao" (fuck).
i was like ok, and smiled, not ready to put out that night LOL.
still, he was really friendly and even offered me food.
maybe because he was eating this ba kwa thingy and i kept staring...
and i even asked without shame for his water.
*note to self: bring your own supplies to a club in future*

oh and guess what, just as i was about to leave, i saw that guy i danced with peeing by the road side and he couldn't even walk straight. LOL.

yep, so that marks the end of my virgin gay clubbing experience.
thinking back, it was really kinda crazy to enter one alone but oh well, who else could i have gone with?

OH. and i got hit on that night to.
i gave the dumbest response ever.
he took out his phone and wanted me to type in my number,
and i was like hell no i cannot remember and so i took out my phone card (the one that you pluck out the sim from and has the number printed on top) and tried to read.
but i guess the light was too dim or whatever and i got frustrated and just gave him that whole phone card.
idk what on earth i was thinking giving my number like that. :X

Friday, December 16, 2011

falling carebear. TOO CUTE!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


i think capricorns make the worst friends ever.
you just wouldn't know what we are thinking of.
whether we are really true friends, or are we just there.

so yep im in this clique in sch and we created a facebook group.
however the group was created after an outing, which included certain people who aren't that close.
there's this childish guy, let's call him jerry. 
don't like him cos of all his antics; he's those always act high kind of person.
he isn't evil or anything, just too hyper and overbearing for me...
a few other people in the group find it that way too, so yeah he's isnt even supposed to be in the group and is there just because of that outing.

and guess what, he is "bros" with bob, the guy whom i managed to ply open last time but he got closer to jerry and this other guy.
so supposedly, if you are "bros", you wouldnt leave him in lurch. you wont condone him being outcasted by your friends, would you?
today during lunch, we blurted out that we kicked jerry out of the group.
bob didn't seem to care at all.
like seriously, what kind of a person is he -.-

jem really treats him like a bro, cos jem's a much simper person...and yet bob doesn't reciprocate.

so apparently he is just forming fragile relations with everyone, appeasing the people he's spending time with.
i do PR a bit at times too, but i'd never allow my friends to be outcasted from a group like that.
i will not PR with my friends! 
(i wouldn't refer to my true friends as bros because i think that term is overused and dead. it doesnt have the  meaning that it's supposed to convey. every tom, dick, and harry will just randomly call you bro when they need your help in the working environment. and all the "bros" i see in sch are really just act high MCPs with nth better to do"

really, capricorns' defenses are freaking hard to get past...
and we chose our friends very carefully...only those whom i allow through are considered real friends.
i've a very clear line that distinguishes friends from acquaintances, and i'd make where we stand clear to you as well.
i just cannot stand how bob is able to call jem "bro" all the time, but doesn't do a single shit when he's kicked out of the group.
such a fucking PR asshole.

and i've to act like i don't care about this cos he is still in our clique. -.-

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


saw it on tumblr but cant reblog haha :)

i think this pic is juz too sexy!
the scene itself.
making out in the middle of nowhere...
and im not exhibitionistic LOL.
x'mas is coming...stay merry! :)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

eyecandy #122454253

he's like in my class so i see him everyday.

ultra drawn to his aloof character.
i love analysing people.
the more reserved you are, the more interested i get.

whatever it is, i really just can't figure him out.
and idk how to get close to him.
i think he alr suspects that i am gay, not that it's rocket science.
he's homophobic and i don't want him to be creeped out more than he alr is.
still, he's like my current obsession.
i wanna lift his veil and marry him see his through colours.


this other guy in class.
i got him to open up to me before.

he was being super cynical at that point of time, with the people arnd him.
furthermore, he had a crush on this girl...who used to be close to me.(another drama)

then a few days later, he just left me aside and got close with these 2 guys, both mcps who are kinda irritating.
obviously i got jealous and left him alone.

a few weeks later, that girl told me that he confessed and i was just shocked.
i advised him against it previously cos she's alr having a scandal with this other guy, whom she is dating now (or they might have broken up...idk)
and he confessed in such a manner that it was pressurrissing for that girl (not that we were still close then but it is just damn childish). it went smth like " if you dont see me next sem in this know why"

impression of him just died there and then.

now, i sense that he's going through some rough patch.
asked him what's wrong and he didnt answer.
so be it.
then my other friends told me to dig out what's his problem.
but urgh.
idk how.

why is my sch life so dramatic. :(
dramas are damn fun to watch, but irritating when it happens arnd u!

Monday, October 24, 2011

small dicks

sry if i offend any1 of you...

but it's really damn sian when u're have fun with sum1 who has a small dick.
even if it is juz jo...
i would love to grab something substantial you know.
but no, i've to always meet ppl with small ones.
which is a super turn off!

a friend and i were being random in class, was telling her nxt time b4 she marries sum1, she shld have sex or at least make out n feel the size of that potential husband first...
can u imagine marrying sum1 and realising that it is puny...
and u'd have to resign to having bad sex for the rest of your lives?
imo, pre-marital sex isn't that bad if proper precautions are taken!

im imagining how i will slut out to find out my future bf's size b4 committing to a rls.
i know it's damn superficial...but sex is of huge importance in any rls.
and bad sex would only cause resentment and lust for better ones, no?